Temporary Classification Specialist Aberdeen

KBM Resourcing Ltd

This position will be primarily responsible for assigning Harmonised System (“HS” or “CN” codes) to oilfield equipment that the company imports and exports from the UK. Other tasks may be assigned as required to support business operations. The initial focus of this position will be for the review and updating of HS codes related to the upcoming BREXIT tariff schedule changes for Company operations, primarily assisting the Intervention and Stimulation Equipment Group to ensure all shipments are cleared for UK import/export in a timely manner. This will be a temporary position with a view to move to permanent. This position has the option to be based anywhere across the UK.


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a consistent classification regime to ensure standards meet the HMRC requirements for accuracy.
  2. Competent in reading and interpreting drawings/schematics/mill certificates and analysing the UK Tariff Schedule to proficiently ascertain the correct HS codes for materials imported and exported from the UK.
  3. Ensure that all necessary documentation is maintained and filed as related to any Binding Tariff Information issued by UK authorities, so as to provide proper justifications of selected classifications.
  4. Comfortable interacting with Forwarders/Brokers, if required, to provide classification instructions and any requested assistance from the company. Brokerage team to ensure product moves in a timely manner.
  5. In coordination with Company Compliance management, proactively develop and conduct self-audits of UK HS classifications to ensure and accuracy and compliance with government regulatory programs.
  6. Monitor the development of trade legislation and regulations impacting the U.K. Tariff Schedule and provide analysis and recommendations based on these developments.

Job Qualifications/Experience:

  1. Extensive HS coding experience
  2. Read and class material drawings/specifications
  3. Working knowledge of regulations related to HS classification
  4. Experience with import/export procedures, international freight
  5. Working Knowledge of Free Trade Agreements and International experience are a plus

To apply for this job email your details to forfar@kbmresourcing.com.

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